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Vapor Transmission


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This is the Application.. Please fill out and post! Check back to see how people are reacting to your application by reading the comments! And say what you want in the comments back! Please dont get upset, or upset anyone else. You will automaticly be deleted if you start spamming or fighting. Youve been warned. now go ahead and fill this out! (click the link to see a preview of how you should fill it out) ((www.livejournal.com/users/simplegoth))

1. First Orgy song you heard?:
2. Where did you hear them first?:
3. What is your favorite song by Orgy?:
4. When did you start liking Orgy?:
5. How many of there albums do you own?:
6. Have you seen Orgy in concert?
7. If so, When and where?:
8. If not, Would you like to?:
9. Do you think Jay Gordon is sexy?:
10. Which Album do you like best?(CandyAss, Vapor Transmission, Punk Statik Paranoia):
11. What was the first Album you bought?:
12. Top three favorite Orgy songs?:
13. Name?:
14. Location?:
15. Age?:
16. Natural Hair Color?:
17. Is your hair dyed/highlighted?:
18. If yes, what color(s)?:
19. If no, what color(s) would you dye/highlight it?:
20. Favorite Band(s)?:
21. Favorite Tv show(s)?:
22. Favorite Movie(s)?:
23. Top Three Favorite Songs (other then Orgy)?:
24. Favorite Era?:
25. Favorite Color(s)?:
26. Bad Habits?:
27. What drugs (if any) have you done?:
28. Favorite Drink?:
29. What kind of clothing do you wear most?:
30. Gender?:
31. 1+ Photo of yourself: