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Vapor Transmission
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Saturday, May 8th, 2004
4:20 pm
Oh yeah first person to post woo!

1. First Orgy song you heard?:blue monday
2. Where did you hear them first?:radio
3. What is your favorite song by Orgy?:fiction or stitches
4. When did you start liking Orgy?:when i heard blue monday
5. How many of there albums do you own?:one
6. Have you seen Orgy in concert?: yes
7. If so, When and where?:may 2 house of blues
8. If not, Would you like to?:--
9. Do you think Jay Gordon is sexy?:FUCK YES
10. Which Album do you like best?(CandyAss, Vapor Transmission, Punk Statik Paranoia): psp and vapor transmission
11. What was the first Album you bought?:psp
12. Top three favorite Orgy songs?:stitches, blue monday, suckerface...or fiction, beautiful disgrace, and ashamed...^_^
13. Name?: kt seymour
14. Location?:deltona,fl
15. Age?:14
16. Natural Hair Color?:brown
17. Is your hair dyed/highlighted?:yea
18. If yes, what color(s)?:highlights of blonde and now blue
19. If no, what color(s) would you dye/highlight it?:---
20. Favorite Band(s)?:korn, orgy, HIM, Three days grace, Thursday, AFI, yellowcard, billy talent, no doubt, autopilot off, theres so many..
21. Favorite Tv show(s)?:my life as a teenage robot and anything on fuse
22. Favorite Movie(s)?:who framed roger rabbit?, cast away, the list goes on
23. Top Three Favorite Songs (other then Orgy)?:freak on a leash-korn
ex girlfriend-no doubt
24. Favorite Era?:90s or the 80s i guess
25. Favorite Color(s)?:hot pink, blue, or black
26. Bad Habits?:uh not really i figit when im nervous though
27. What drugs (if any) have you done?:nothing
28. Favorite Drink?:hmm well i like cherry coke alot and smirnoffs...mm..^_^
29. What kind of clothing do you wear most?:uh clothes?
30. Gender?:female
31. 1+ Photo of yourself:

Current Mood: blah
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